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This pages is dedicated to Crystal’s fans who want to let her know

how much they love and want her in Italy.

If you want to tell her something, you can send you letters, photos, video etc through e-mail on .

From @lydiargexnt.

“Dear Crystal, I don’t know how to start this letter. I love you. Maybe this is the right way. It’s the truth and it’s all you need to know, but I’m gonna say a lot of other things. I love all of you. You are so beautiful, a natural beauty, you’re so true, so sincere, so pure. You shine every time you smile and you make me happy every day. You are such an amazing person. I knew you a few months ago but I feel like I’ve been your fan for a longer time. Every word you say, for me is right. Every pic of you I see, makes me fall in love with you again and again. I miss you in Teen Wolf, I miss Allison. I love her. The show is not the same without you. But I love Crystal more than I love Allison, and I’m proud of you. That was your choice and I respect it. I’m proud of what you’ve done, and I’m proud of all the people who support you. I’m proud of us. I’ll always be there for you, and I hope I’ll meet you one day.”

From @GaliazzoAlessia.

Crystal, we miss you as the brave and honest Allison of Teen Wolf, and I’ll follow you in every film that you’ll make… I hope that you’ll return in the series because you’re a fantistic person, actor and you are an inspiration for me as the girl you are…

From Maria.

Hi Crystal! We miss you, you know that right? We miss you a lot on Teen Wolf, we miss our Allison. But we still following you, and we’ll always do. You are so talented and beautiful and sweet, and we love you. We all hope you will come here in Italy one day, we’re waiting for you! I wish all the best for you and your future, love you!

From @gioyep

Crystal you are so special to me, your character Allison is special to me.
One day I’ll hope to be like her. A special daughter, an amazing friend and a warrior, who is scared by nothing.
I am so proud of you, the italian fan are so proud of you.
We need to see you, I need to hug you. Come to Italy, please.
I love you, we love you. Italy needs you.

From @liukcedrini

Dear Crystal! The first thing I’d like to Say you is congratulation for your amazing career, And then I’d like to speak to you, because it could be the only occasion in my life.
There are Many things that I need to tell You, but I chose to write the most importants. I’m Luca, I’m italian I’m 17 And I’m attending An artistic school. Also, I’m really into Teen Wolf!
In general, that’s not a good period for me, because I’ve just understood which are the important thing for me, And I’ve just discovered what I really Want. Thanks to this, now I know how different from me are the people that I used to call friends.
For me Teen Wolf is something important, because I watch every single episode, trying to understand all the things that could be useful in life, And I’ve just realized that I’ve learnt a lot.
For this reason I’d like to thank you, because you’ ve helped me to create something special for me.
I know that its not real, but Allison it’s An amazing character, because of her honesty, but Also because at the same time she can be strong And weack. She helps people,but at at the same tipe she needs Someone to help her. Her personality has Made me understand that If I had a girl-friend I’d like her to just like Allison.
The last thing I wanna Say you is that your beautiful helps me to improve, because I’ve realized some portraits of you, And it has been an amazing experience, because I put all myself inside, And now in my bedroom I’ve got your smile that always whishes me to hope.
Hope that you will read this letter, And hope you will like it. I would be so happy if you only could answear me, an emoticon would be enough! So, thank you, And keep smiling, because that smile can inspire the future of some people.

From @Reedmarryme_ / @crystalreedital

Hi Miss Reed.
All the love we feel for you is on this video. Even if it can seems nothing, we love you so much and we would love to have you here with all our heart. We’re always here for supporting you, even if you can’t see us, we don’t let you ever go, in good times and in bad times, we’d go through hell for you and with you because we want to see your big and beautiful smile.
You give us many beautiful things and we know how much you love Italy and how much you desire to learn the italian language and this make us happy.
You give us the satisfaction to feel you closer just following our account, yours DMs and tweets (that you have sent to us). But do you know what we need? TO SEE YOU AND HUG YOU! It’s our life dream! We’re here and we’re waiting only you. We love you so much.

From @bvivi10

From @banshunter

From @keyword ARGENT

From Fabio

From @csonietta and @Monch93

From Arianna

Crystal, don’t stop to smile ever.
Don’t stop to do it ’cause your have the most beautiful smile of the entire world that shine everything.
Don’t stop to do it ’cause when you smile, on your face appear dimples and they are adorable.
I want to tell you only one world: THANK YOU.
Thanks for all the support that give to your fans.
Thanks for being the way you are.
Thanks ’cause when i look you into my computer, i remember why i decided to start to acting: to emotion people as you do.
Thanks for inspire everyone in this world. When i have to act, you inspire me.
I keep going to support you and i will always do it. Even if I know that you don’t know who i am.
Young people have so much dreams to fill a chest of drawers, one of this dreams is to meet you to tell you thanks fo everything.
With love,

From @tatiia_

Hi Crys, I start by telling you that in Teen Wolf missing a piece of our family. I miss all the interviews, your sweet moments and fun, and I miss seeing you with Holland and the rest of the cast. You’re a woman incredibly beautiful, talented, strong, sweet and I admire you very much. I love the way you export with the fans and your being so sensitive and sweet makes me gladden the heart. We Italian fans are waiting for you here in Italy because we need to see you and hold you tightly! There are really sweet people, who love you for the wonderful person you are, and are waiting for you, so come on, come see us! We will always be here to support you, you deserve all the love of the world, a big big hug! Xoxo @tatiia_

From @livingforoned